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Progress Notes of Systemic Seismic Change Caused by COMFLM Presence
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Progress Notes of Systemic Seismic Change Caused by COMFLM Presence
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Transparency by Open Transparent Design

Spring 2010 
Comflm visits SJC to ask for Cameras in Courts Proceedure for New Media

Fall 2010  Comflm is alerted to Amendment to Rule 1:13 SJC
public open comments due Jan 28 2011 Cameras in Courts 

Fall September 2011

A visit to Moakley Federal District Court to

request a pass application revealed the Court

had put a process in place to apply for a

pass.  In the previous year JAldrich asked

them to put a process in place. 

Comflm Videotapes Pro Se Court Case Quincy Massachusetts
gives copies to Court for Educational Purposes
2011 Quincy opens doors to streaming live Court hooray Quincy!

GBLT has no interest in being taped at public events
COMFLM videotapes Youth Pride Common events 5 years
with assaults and police reports filed.
2011  PRESS TABLE at Youth Pride Event Boston Common
May 14 2011 COMFLM, Catch of the Day, Video News,
Freelance Reporting openly told taping allowed.

COMFLM CRNews - Team created to give Independant Media a vehicle of access to Public Access Hearings Events PressConferences on Beacon Hill.  600 events taped recorded by Catch of the Day,Video News, Freelance Reporting.

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